Sunday, November 22, 2015

Visualizing coverage intensity of India post with R GADM Spatial Polygons

Its exciting to interact with API an Open Government Data initiative by the Government of India.

Very limited datasets are available at the moment. But extremely promising. So I thought of playing around with the intensity of post offices ( a data set readily available through API ) and see the results.

Unfortunately the data for J&K , Telengana have issues with data provided.

All post offices in the districts Bangalore HQ & South Karnataka Region even have the map co-ordinates.

While this is purely an exercise to demonstrate the capability to visualize data sets the opportunities are limitless.

Top 3 states by count of post-offices.

RankStateCount Of Post Offices
1Uttar Pradesh17674
3Tamil Nadu11870

This ranking does not match with the population on a descending sort . It means that the distribution of a post-office per 1000 citizens will have variation. It might be interesting to pursue this further by looking at further statistics such postal transactions , packets delivered by state to identify utilization of post offices in respective states and correlate it with the intensity of post-offices. This way planners from the relevant Ministry can decide course of action for opening new post-offices based on demand supported by the data-analysis.

Link to Final Data Set


Would love to hear feedback.


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